Volunteers Engagement & Training – 30 Nov 2019

Volunteers Engagement and Training – Saturday, 30 November 2019

Following on from the successful session we delivered on Monday, 25 November, this was another opportunity for the volunteers of the Hayes Muslim Centre to attend this ‘Developing a Positive Mindset’ training. Our Lead Trainer Abu Yusra had the pleasure of addressing the keen audience comprised of Trustees, long standing volunteers, youth (some as young as 6!) and the ladies.

Abu Yusra spoke about the power of the brain and how that could be harnessed to drive people toward their goals.  He spoke about setting SMART goals and how to go about achieving them. He emphasised that the key to achieving any goal was that the first step towards that goal is the most crucial step and then consistency is the key. 

There were some excellent questions – 

  • how do you positively influence a naturally negative person?
  • how do you encourage more people to become volunteers?
  • how can the Mosque meet the needs of it’s congregation?

and many more besides. 

It was very interesting and beneficial

Impressive gathering and thanks to Yusra Training for an excellent talk

Very useful and a very good initiative for our community

We plan on more training sessions to be delivered in collaboration with the Hayes Muslim Centre. Watch this space and better still, join our mailing list and join our social media channels using the links below: