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Turning to the upcoming course, I wanted to share some testimonials from past participants...

I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Where we are, the weather was gorgeous on Sunday, which was some consolation for another Spurs defeat the day before 🙁 How was it for you?

Turning to the upcoming course, I wanted to share some testimonials from past participants of my NLP Practitioner certification training.

The course, the training and the added bonus of having Islamic perspectives has made this an amazing experience. The demonstrations were excellent especially when the trainer shared personal stories which made it real and relevant. He has an amazing depth of knowledge and handled all questions with ease and comfort. I feel enlightened. I wish I did this earlier in my life! (Shaila P)

The training was delivered to the highest standards, fully professionally, and at a perfect pace for new learners of NLP. All questions were answered and concerns addressed throughout the course. The trainer has a very friendly, professional approach. I am a kind of person who asks a lot of questions, yet I felt that each of my questions was always answered and explained. What an incredible, amazing and powerful course. It is life changing and very empowering! I’m honoured to have been taught by someone like Abu Yusra. (Muna A)

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Integrating an Islamic ethos, principles and anecdotes made the training so relevant to me. It gave me so much more confidence in the techniques of NLP in general. Managing such a diverse group of people must be very challenging and Abu Yusra did this with patience and professionalism. The use of NLP is far beyond just increasing your business, it can help many people in many different ways. Th physical and psychological are very much connected. (Shahzad B)

It’s good to pause and listen to your unconscious mind. It matters. Listening and giving time to yourself will allow quick decision making and personal growth. Abu Yusra gives you all the resources for you to refine your skills and knowledge. Allah has made us all perfect in our own way and NLP helps to bring the best version of ourselves to light! (Lucy G)

I hope these testimonials give you a sense of the value that participants have gained from taking this course. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by email (, WhatsApp (07460 279723) or phone (020 805 805 23) – I’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.

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