Communication Skills course


On Thursday, 14th November, Yusra Training delivered a course on “Communication Skills for Community Leaders” in Leyton, East London.

A number of community leaders from around the UK, including Edinburgh, Blackburn and London were in attendance.

In this seminar, we looked at some of the secrets of the art of communication. We learned:

  • different communication styles and discovered the delegates’ own styles
  • how to deliver a speech / khutbah that is effective and meaningful to all your audience
  • how to develop rapport with an individual, a group of people or even a large audience
  • about non-verbal communication and how powerful that can be when properly employed
  • some super effective public speaking techniques

And thanks to the organisers, we were treated to a delicious Somalian style lunch!

Feedback from the delegates was very positive:

It was a good introduction to make people aware of the dimensions of communications that many are completely unaware of – Zain Al-Haddad

The training was very well presented … really felt Abu Yusra’s wealth of experience in answering the questions – Anon

Very well delivered, well balanced. Answered many questions before they were even asked. Eloquent speaker – H Abdullahi

Easy, understandable and to the point – Anon

Very energetic and engaging. Made everyone feel part of the group discussions. A Communications Skills course for Imams and Teachers with a brilliant connect to Islamic references and personal real time examples – I Riyazuddin

Course and content was an eye opener – M Amin

A brilliant way to connect to the Master Communication Skills of the Sunnah… – Anon

The quality was very high and professional. It is known that Abu Yusra is very experienced and well grounded in his knowledge by his explanation of the various tools and how they are applicable in our lives – Anon

I was amazed I didn’t doze off … it had to do with how well you timed your practical exercises – Anon